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Rohan R. Monteiro embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1994 when he founded the company Property Real Estate and Developers. With a clear vision to transform the landscape of Mangalore and a strong belief in Human values, Rohan R. Monteiro was on the road to success.

Rohan R. Monteiro worked towards his vision with hard work, passion and honesty. Each passing year saw the company take greater strides and carve a niche for itself in Real Estate consultancy. Subsequently, the company diversified into the construction of ultra modern Residential Apartments and established Property Infra Tech India Pvt. Ltd. and the Rohan Corporation brand. The trade mark soon came to be synonymous with service, quality and more importantly business ethics. Through it all, Rohan R. Monteiro was constantly guiding his team to newer heights. And in a short span of 2 decades, Rohan Corporation grew to be Mangalore’s largest property developer.

Not so long ago, business in realty and construction was highly unorganized, unprofessional and with financial irregularity. Rohan R. Monteiro was a game changer in this regard and ensured that each aspect of realty, land dealings and construction were conducted with professionalism and transparency.

His philosophy is quite simple. To hire the best people in the business and constantly push the benchmarks of quality and luxury in every project he conceives. Overseeing the strategic development and management of the group, Rohan R. Monteiro personally monitors all his projects from conception to execution. He chose to work with young talent who were always geared to execute his visionary ideas. And he revolutionized the real estate development industry by introducing world class quality construction that was truly affordable. A strong commitment toward quality and innovation set Rohan Corporation’s projects apart from the rest and made them well known landmarks in Mangalore.

But through it all, Rohan R. Monteiro was not just building apartments. He was building lives. With his core values of humanity close at heart, he reached out to the poor and needy by providing them with health care, education and homes. Temples, churches, mosques, cultural organizations, charitable trusts and youth clubs have welcomed his warmth and philanthropy with open arms. A modest man by nature, Rohan R. Monteiro extends his help with utmost humility, away from public attention. Actions that speak of his belief that “when you build something, you build a nation.”

Perhaps a growing city like Mangalore truly deserves a planner like Rohan R. Monteiro. He has shaped the future of real estate development in this city and is poised for bigger challenges in the years ahead. There is no doubt that he will continue to deliver world class projects that help his customers bring alive their dreams of luxury living.