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Rohan City Commerce Hub
Elevate Your Business in Prime Spaces

Avail Limited Period Offer
7.5% ROI Advantage

284 Commercial Units
2Lakhs Sqft. Commercial Space
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Area (Sqft) Offer Price
290- 4,990 Sqft
4,990- 14,990 Sqft
14,990- 19,990 Sqft
19,990- 24,760 Sqft

Why Choose
Commercial Real Estate Investment?


High Rental Yield

7%-9% rental yield with stable and predictable cash flow

Capital Appreciation

Year on year capital appreciation (17%-25% IRR)

Capital Preservation

Real estate is a hard asset that preserves capital

Stable and Non-Correlated

The performance of commercial real estate is not closely correlated with stocks and bonds

Unlocking Investment Potential in Mangalore
A Strategic Choice

Commercial Floor Plan

Site Progress

Assured 7.5% returns mean a fixed percentage of your investment returns, providing financial security and predictability.

Rohan City is expected to be completed by December 2025, ensuring a timely and efficient project delivery.

Consider location, purpose, future growth prospects, and potential ROI to choose the right commercial property for your needs.

Commercial spaces typically have higher costs due to prime locations, specialized designs, and the potential for increased business profitability.

The 7.5% guaranteed returns at Rohan City not only offer a steady and reliable income but also anticipate property appreciation. This dual benefit makes it a compelling investment choice.

Yes, investing in commercial property in India can be lucrative, especially in high-growth areas, offering the potential for long-term financial gains.