In 1994, the founder of the group, Mr. Rohan Monteiro realized that business in the real estate sector was highly unorganized and unprofessional due to financial irregularities that existed. Aiming to be ‘the change’ in the market he founded ‘Property Real Estate & Developers’, to ensure professionalism and transparency in land dealings and the property business.

Envisioning the need for diversifying into the construction of ultra-modern residential apartments and commercial complexes, in the year 2010, he established ‘Property Infra Tech India Pvt. Ltd’ with a mission to revolutionize how quality was perceived in Mangaluru’s construction market. Since it’s inception, the company has successfully built many prime apartments and commercial complexes from which Mr. Monterio earned his most valuable asset, the trust of the people.

With years of dedication and hard work, the company thrived with tremendous success

and in the year 2016, Mr. Monteiro rebranded his company as ‘Rohan Corporation’ under which he started promoting his upcoming futuristically designed projects. Ever since its origin, Rohan Corporation has become a colossal name in the construction and real estate industry with projects that have modernized and glamourized the coastal city of Mangaluru.

Being a well-established name in the city, with 27 years of experience and over 2000+ customers residing happily, Rohan Corporation is thriving rapidly with a vision to broaden the smile and reach greater heights with their projects.