This is to notify you that www.rohancorporation.in is the official and only authorized website of Rohan Corporation and Property Infra Tech India Pvt. Ltd. Any other website using a similar logo, website layout/colors or any other content of our website or pretending to be us are completely counterfeit and user/customer(s) are advised not to rely on them for any information needed. User/customer(s) are also cautioned of the loss they may suffer on using such misleading websites, for which we are not responsible. If users come across by any such misleading websites, pretending to be us, then we request you to contact and inform us about the same on [email protected], so that we can take necessary actions.

We have not assigned any agencies to promote our brand and any external agent referring to be our promoter or marketer are to be cautious about. Please ensure that you don’t share any key information with such third party entities and report them to us on [email protected] for further investigation.