Bejai – The ideal destination to invest in your dream home in Mangalore

Mangalore, also known as Mangaluru, is a city located in the southern state of Karnataka in India. Known for its scenic beauty, historical importance, and cultural diversity, Mangalore is a hub for investment opportunities in real estate. Among the various localities, Bejai is the heart of Mangalore and stands out as an excellent destination for investing in your dream home with its proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, temples and other amenities. Bejai is a bustling locality that offers a plethora of amenities and facilities, making it lucrative for residential and commercial real estate investments. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing apartments in Bejai.

Defined by Service and Expertise

The success of a real estate investment hinges on excellent service, hospitality and a signature of trust, which ensures a seamless property purchase experience from banking loan facilities to the final handover. Rohan Corporation has been a seasoned player in the construction business for the past three decades and has made a name for itself in planning and land development by delivering superior service. It is one of the top builders and developers in Mangalore and has earned a reputation in the industry for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality projects within the stipulated timeframe,making it a trusted choice for real estate investments with higher rates of returns on investment. 

Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.

Bejai is strategically located, with easy access to major highways, roads, airports, railway stations, and bus stands, making it an ideal location for those who require easy connectivity. It has grown tremendously in the last few years, with new infrastructure projects being launched regularly. This has resulted in a surge in demand for real estate in the area. The growing infrastructure has also led to an increase in property prices, making Bejai a location that offers good returns on investment. Rohan Corporation identified the increase in demand for residential and commercial properties in Bejai, Mangalore and has launched Rohan City – an amalgamation of residential and commercial spaces based on the modern concept of mixed-use architecture in one. People from Mangalore and other metro cities like Bombay, Bangalore, and even overseas, like Dubai, have put their trust in Rohan Corporation and their services. This is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality projects that meet customers’ expectations from diverse backgrounds.

Bringing it all together

With the traditional joint family system declining in India, loneliness can engulf many individuals residing in urban areas. Rohan Corporation understands the significance of socialization and has designed Rohan City to meet this need. The City Club features 24+ ultra-modern amenities and provisions for all generations. From indoor games to the outdoor play area to the student activity room, library, gym, swimming pool, 3D theatre and more, City Club offers something for everyone. It is designed to encourage community living among residents. This City Club is operational 24/7 and helps people interact with each other, exchange cultures and celebrate festivals together, thereby making Rohan City a perfect place for property investment in Bejai, Mangalore.
So wait no more! Invest wisely not only in a home but also in a lifestyle that fosters a sense of community and belonging. Come invest in Rohan City – the ongoing project in Bejai, Mangalore by Rohan Corporation.

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