Real Estate in Mangalore: Is Now the Perfect Time to Invest?

Introducing Smart Living with Intelligent Homes | Rohan City Projects in Mangalore

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new Smart residential projects in Mangalore

The question about the opportune moment for real estate investment remains perpetual, regardless of the season. This query has been recurring among aspiring investors and potential homeowners as they contemplate a vibrant place to reside. And what is the better place to consider for property ownership than Mangalore? With its dynamic economy, continuously evolving infrastructure, and upcoming development projects, the real estate panorama in Mangalore is experiencing a notable transformation. Several factors, current trends, and promising prospects render Mangalore, an attractive destination for real estate investments. In this blog, we aim to address these inquiries and provide insight into the ‘whys’ behind them.

If you still don’t get a kick to plan your purchase, here are the reasons that will pump you up to plan it today!

1. Mangalore is an Education Hub today

Be it any city, education plays an important role. Mangalore is an Educational hub today, with multiple schools and institutions like Kasturba Medical College and others, fulfilling the education needs. With people from diverse cities migrating to Mangalore, this city has restructured its educational system. Hence, today it proves to be one of the top-quality education providers. 

2. Well developed infrastructure

Mangalore’s infrastructure is undergoing significant enhancements. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air, with a modern international airport that facilitates seamless travel. Ongoing infrastructure projects, including road expansions and the development of smart city, promise improved connectivity and quality of life for residents. If you’re considering purchasing real estate in Mangalore, don’t delay; make a prudent decision to seek guidance regarding the Rohan City Project. We assure you that investing in this project will be a decision you won’t regret.

3. Thriving Real Estate Market

The real estate property investment in Mangalore, India is on an upward trajectory. Property values are relatively affordable compared to major metropolitan areas, making it an attractive proposition for investors looking for value appreciation over time. As the city continues to grow, real estate investments here have the potential to yield higher returns. Not to forget, even NRI investment planning includes Mangalore as an option on priority concerning Real Estate. 

4. Economic Growth

Over the past few years, drives consistent economic & real estate growth in Mangalore City. This city has emerged as a significant commercial center, boasting thriving industries such as petrochemicals, information technology, and manufacturing. The upswing in economic activity has resulted in a surge in employment opportunities, leading to continuous enhancements in rental rates. The city’s infrastructure and various amenities have also undergone significant improvements, ultimately raising the standard of living and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

5. Competitive Property Rates

One of the key advantages of investing in Mangalore is the affordability of properties compared to larger metropolitan areas. Due to constant industrial development and standard of living, the ROI is positive. Hence, if you’re looking to buy a property for investment purposes or own one, this makes it an attractive destination for both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors looking to diversify their portfolios. You can acquire property without the exorbitant price tags associated with larger cities. Besides, if you’re investing in Rohan City, the chances of yielding higher returns increase. To make it short, the investment in property today is an invitation to higher returns tomorrow. 

With a wealth of amenities, a strategic location, and a thriving economy, there’s no better time than now to consider investment in real estate in Mangalore. This dynamic market offers a range of investment options to align with your financial goals. Speaking of location, Bejai stands out as the city’s most known luxurious residential complex, celebrated for its comfort and luxury. One exceptional project that epitomizes luxury living is Rohan City by Rohan Corporation. They’ve meticulously designed this project to cater to the diverse tastes of individuals. With years of experience, they’ve perfected the art of understanding people’s preferences to provide them with the very best.

new Smart residential projects in Mangalore

Introducing Smart Living with Intelligent Homes | Rohan City Projects in Mangalore

Introducing Smart Living with Intelligent Homes | Rohan City Projects in Mangalore

Homepage  ->  Blogs -> Introducing Smart Living with Intelligent Homes | Rohan City Projects in Mangalore

new Smart residential projects in Mangalore

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is not only designed to ease the functions of IT experts but is also meant for every individual’s convenience. It’s not wrong to quote, “It’s a new way of life”. The concept of ‘smart living’ has become part of the real estate landscape. Let’s delve into the era of smart living and how it’s transforming the way we experience home life in new residential projects in Mangalore.

What is a smart home or smart living?
A perfect blend of technology in your home to ease your life is smart home or smart living. Real estate projects today are seamlessly integrating intelligent systems and devices for efficient experiences. Right from security to entertainment and energy management, new apartments in Mangalore have everything that caters to the modern lifestyle.

Rise of Smart Homes
With picturesque landscapes and a flourishing economy, there has been a surge in real estate development. With the demand for modern and convenient living spaces, real estate properties are amalgamating the technology to step up to the plate. The new construction projects in Mangalore by Rohan Corporation are great examples of the Rise of Smart Homes. Our homes feature state-of-the-art amenities, including security systems, voice-activated assistants and integrated apps offer seamless control, making everyday living effortless and secure.

Key Features of Smart Homes

  1. Home Automation
    Imagine controlling your lights, and appliances with a simple voice command or a tap on your smartphone. Home automation systems in new apartments in Mangalore allow you to do just that. Adjusting the ambiance of your home becomes easier with these options. 
  2. Enhanced Security
    Smart homes come equipped with advanced security features like surveillance cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. Monitor your home from anywhere and receive instant alerts in case of any suspicious activity.
  3. Energy Efficiency
    With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, energy-efficient homes are a priority. Smart thermostats, lighting systems, and energy monitoring tools help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.
  4. Entertainment Hub
    Luxury flats in Mangalore often include a centralized entertainment hub where you can stream your favorite shows, movies, and music seamlessly. Your home becomes the ultimate entertainment zone. If you’re looking for a residential project that has everything included right from a well-equipped gym to a spa, ayurvedic wellness center, 3D theatre, and children’s activity room, you have access to every amenity that keeps you entertained.
  5. Convenience at Your Fingertips
    Forgot to turn off the lights? Want to check who’s at the door without leaving your couch? Smart living offers the convenience of remote control for various home functions, making life more efficient and comfortable.

The Future of Residential Projects in Mangalore
As the real estate market in Mangalore evolves, new construction projects are placing a significant emphasis on smart living features. Homebuyers are increasingly seeking out residential projects in Mangalore that offer not just physical spaces but also technology-driven spaces, and one such project at Bejai by Rohan Corporation is not to be missed. 

The era of smart living has arrived in Mangalore, and it’s here to stay. Luxury flats in Mangalore are not just about spacious rooms and beautiful views; they’re about creating an intelligent, responsive living environment. Want to explore the perfect property fitting the definition of smart living? Rohan City by Rohan Corporation, the latest residential project in Mangalore fulfills all the criteria of providing you with the needed amenities. With top-notch experience, they’re allowing people to indulge and embrace modern living alongside comfort.

10% Discount for Teachers, Police, Media, and Defence personnel – Press Meet at Ocean Pearl, Mangalore

In a heartening display of appreciation and community commitment, Rohan Corporation recently concluded a significant press meet at the Ocean Pearl hotel. The event showcased a remarkable offer that aims to commemorate Teachers’ Day and extend gratitude to the public and civil servants who tirelessly serve our community. This limited-time offer entails a 10% discount on the purchase of residential apartments at the prestigious Rohan City, Bejai. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional initiative that seeks to honor our essential community members and make homeownership dreams come true.

Honoring Public and Civil Servants:

Teachers, police officers, media professionals, and defence personnel represent the backbone of our society. Their tireless dedication ensures that our community thrives and prospers. Rohan Corporation recognizes their vital contributions and has devised a unique way to acknowledge their efforts.

Special Offer Unveiled:

The press meet’s highlight was the revelation of a groundbreaking offer—a 10% discount on the acquisition of residential apartments at Rohan City, Bejai. This limited-time offer, reserved exclusively for public and civil servants, stands as a tribute to their service. By making homeownership more accessible, Rohan Corporation aims to give back to the very individuals who dedicate themselves to the betterment of society.

Key Details of the Offer:

1. Teachers’ Day Commemoration: This special discount is introduced as a way of commemorating Teachers’ Day, a time when educators are celebrated for their unwavering commitment to shaping the future.

2. Inclusive Eligibility: The offer is exclusively designed for public and civil servants, encompassing School Teachers, Police Officers, Media personnel, and Defense personnel. This wide-reaching eligibility underscores the diverse contributions these individuals make across various sectors.

3. Dream Homes Made Affordable: Rohan Corporation’s initiative aims to help these essential community members realize their dream of owning a home. The 10% discount significantly reduces the financial burden, making homeownership within Rohan City, Bejai, an attainable reality.

Distinguished Line-up at the Press Meet:

The press meet was graced by notable individuals from Rohan Corporation’s leadership, including:

– Mr. Rohan Monteiro, Managing Director

– Mr. Dion Monteiro, Director

– Mrs. Sumana MD, General Manager

– Mr. Lesley Pinto, Admin Manager

– Mrs. Shavina Soans, Trainer/Motivator


Their presence further emphasized the significance of this initiative and the corporation’s commitment to community welfare.


The press meet conducted at Ocean Pearl heralded a remarkable chapter in community appreciation and homeownership. Rohan Corporation’s special offer stands as a testament to their recognition of the invaluable contributions made by public and civil servants. By extending a 10% discount on residential apartment purchases, the company not only honors these essential individuals but also paves the way for their dreams to be realized within the walls of Rohan City, Bejai. This initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration between the private sector and community heroes, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Future-Proof Your Investments: Why Buying Real Estate in Its Early Stages Pays Off

Real-estate investments are an essential part of modern living. It helps secure a person’s future. But where to invest for maximum returns is a question that crosses everyone’s mind. Especially if you are an NRI, you should know the best investment for future-proofing. With the government implementing Benami Property Act and RERA, NRIs can now invest in real estate with utmost confidence. Investing in real estate gives high capital gains tax for NRIs on initially low capital. So, before putting your money into real estate in India, know its rules and regulations to avoid any future problems or legal hassles.

Properties to invest in

The best investment options for NRI in India is real estate investment as it offers high capital returns. However, knowing the type of properties they can invest in, is important. In India, NRIs can invest in any residential or commercial property. They can acquire multiple properties, but the taxes are calculated depending on the property usage. However, NRIs need to be alert, they cannot purchase any agricultural land in India. Having said that, if they inherit any agricultural property or it is given to them as a gift, they can keep it as an asset.

Reasons to invest in real estate at an early stage

To get financially secure

Real estate investment in India for NRI is considered secure as compared to the stock market. While you’re considering the stock market, you might come across a win-win situation and might lose the next moment. However, when it comes to real estate, the security is long-term, considering you have a great asset. NRIs mostly invest in real estate to increase their retirement income so that they don’t have to worry about the future and remain financially independent.


To earn regular cash flow

If you purchase a property (residential or commercial) and lease it out to people, you may receive regular cash flow. This will eventually boost the profits because you don’t have to depend on the value of the real estate but also on the monthly rental revenue. Find reliable renters to maintain the property and if not, consider keeping someone as your Power of Attorney (POA).

Get tax benefits

Real estate investment returns in India are similar for the NRIs and citizens of the county. Though it is an investment, when you buy a property and rent it out, it’s business. Hence, NRIs become eligible to get various tax benefits.

They can write off the following expenses when they run the real estate business:

  • The mortgage interest is paid on the loan.
  • Maintenance costs
  • The loan’s origination points
  • Depreciation (over a period of 27.5 years)
  • HOA fees, homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

Investing in real estate has several tax advantages. But, you must consult your tax advisor before deducting your expenditures to avoid associated problems.

To profit from your investment

NRIs can put down a portion of their house cost by investing in real estate. Let’s assume you got a property for Rs. 1,00,000 and put down 10,000; assuming you have decent credit and a steady salary, you should be able to get a loan to finance the remainder. This means you must invest only 10% of the asset’s worth to be its owner. As you pay down the mortgage over the years, you can keep more of the investment. This will thereby help you increase your tax returns by paying down the loan and increasing the appreciation of the property.


NRIs can benefit from real estate investment in India, but they must know the basics of investing in properties beforehand. One of the most appealing choices for NRIs wishing to invest in real estate in India is Rohan City, a unique initiative by Rohan Corporation. We are considered among the best builders in Mangalore and India, with over 2000 happy customers. We curate fascinating luxury properties for mostly residential purposes, which can also be leased out for commercial usage. Our properties are appreciated by customers, which will automatically help them earn profit from the investment. So, if you are thinking of investing smartly, choose properties offered by Rohan Corporation.

Unlocking the Potential: Investing in Mangalore Real Estate can Offer You Optimal Returns

For many years, investing in real estate has always been considered a stable investment, along with many other assets. Moreover, Non Resident Indians (NRIs) have played a major role in the boom of the real estate market across India. While the NRIs think about purchasing a home in India for a high standard of living, they may also think about the purchase because they might be planning to settle in India in the near future. So, with this in mind, let’s go through why NRIs consider purchasing one of the luxury flats in Mangalore even when they have several investment options.

Why do NRIs consider investing in the real estate market in Mangalore?

There are many reasons why the real estate market is taken into consideration when NRIs consider buying a property in India.

Current Value of the Indian Currency

As NRIs are looking forward to investing in the Indian real estate market, the depreciation in the value of ‘Rupee’ has garnered attention for investment. After an 8.6 percent drop in 2018, people have still observed the depreciation, with a 1.5 percent drop in 2021. Presently, the drop in the value of the Rupee has occurred due to an increase in US interest rates and concerns regarding a global recession. With this scenario in mind, the real estate market is favorable to NRIs because they can now purchase a home at a lower price.

best investment options for NRIs in India

Offers better and potential returns

Whenever NRIs think about investing in the Indian real estate market, they always consider it as a lucrative prospect. The investment not only enables them to diversify their portfolio but also enhances their financial returns. Moreover, the NRIs have also shown interest in purchasing homes spread across a certain area, especially in Tier 2 cities like Mangalore. While the pandemic has changed the dynamics of Indian families, many individuals have now opted to reside with their parents.

High Resale Value

Amidst the present economic and political conditions across the globe, NRIs are now sure that real estate is one of the most stable assets when compared to assets such as gold and shares. In comparison to the debt securities that aren’t performing well, the overall price of gold has significantly increased. On the other hand, as the world still copes with the global recession, the stock market has also faced many unpredictable trends. However, real estate still continues to be one of the best investment options for NRIs in India. This is because NRIs are confident that the sector will give them positive returns for a long period of time.

Favorable market for investors

The support offered by the RBI and SEBI for Foreign Direct Investments is yet another reason why NRIs are thinking about investing in Indian real estate. As per the clauses of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA), NRIs can either buy commercial or residential property without seeking any permission from the RBI. Even if the NRI wants to rent the property, the returns will be credited to the NRO account without any hassles. Besides, the NRIs are quite happy with the fact that they can buy as many properties as they want.

Numerous Tax Benefits

Whenever a non-resident Indian has to pay tax on the rental yield, the Income Tax (IT) Act offers several provisions. If the NRI has taken a home loan, then he can claim a 30% deduction, deduct the taxes related to the property, and later use the interest deduction. However, if the NRI is drawing income from the investment in certain assets for which the TDS has been deducted, then there’s no need to file the Income Tax (IT) returns. Besides, there’s also an exemption if the capital gains for the NRI, from the sale of the property, are invested again in some bonds. 

What are the various tax implications for NRIs investing in Indian real estate?

There are several tax implications when an NRI is about to acquire any property. But, before we move ahead with the details, it’s necessary to understand whether the seller is a non-resident or a resident. This type of information can be gathered as per the clauses of the Income Tax Act of India. In case an NRI purchases an immovable property, 1% TDS will be deducted if the sale value considered in those instances is more than Rs 50 lakh. However, if the NRI makes a purchase through a non-resident, and long term capital gain is applicable, then 20% TDS will be deducted. 

While purchasing a property, the NRI should note that short-term gain will only be applicable if the property is sold within a time span of two years. On the contrary, the NRI must also note that long-term gain is applicable only when the concerned individual decides to sell the property after two years. 

Regarding the capital gains tax for NRIs selling properties in India, a tax of 20% is levied on long-term capital gains. But, a tax on short-term capital gains is imposed according to the tax slabs based on the actual income of the NRI. Once the NRI decides to sell the property, the buyer can deduct TDS equivalent to 20%. In such a scenario, NRIs can ask for exemptions on long term capital gains as per the clauses of Section 54, Section 54F, and Section 54EC. Moreover, while the NRI can reap the benefits of the exemptions when he is filing IT returns. He can further claim the TDS that has been deducted on the capital gains.   

Finally, if you’re an NRI, then you must consider purchasing a house in Rohan City. While this project epitomizes luxurious living, it has spacious apartments with world-class amenities. Even after a hectic day, you can simply relax around the lawn or rejuvenate in the swimming pool. Additionally, the commercial spaces of Rohan City have shopping complexes, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, and more. At City Club, you can also expect the lifestyle of your dreams along with modern amenities. Apart from being a testament to contemporary architecture, Rohan Corporation has also earned recognition for thoughtful craftsmanship. Above all, NRIs can certainly expect optimal returns while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in Rohan City.

Rohan Corporation: Maximizing Returns for Your Real Estate Investment in India

Investing in immovable properties has long been a favored option for Non-Resident Indians seeking to optimize their profits in India. As the curiosity surrounding the Indian real estate sector continues to surge, it is crucial to pinpoint a suitable investment prospect that is coherent with your objectives. That is where Rohan Corporation comes in. They are unveiling a remarkable project called Rohan City in Mangalore, catering specifically to the investment needs of NRIs. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of real estate investment in India, highlight the appeal of properties in Mangalore as a prime investment destination, and delve into the luxurious offerings of Rohan City.

Real Estate Investment in India for NRIs 

Investing in real estate in India provides numerous advantages and the potential for attractive returns. The Indian real estate industry has grown significantly in recent years as a result of a favorable investment climate, regulatory reforms, and sustained economic expansion. This makes it an opportune time for NRIs to explore the Indian real estate sector. Mangalore, with its rapid development and strategic location, stands out as an ideal investment destination, offering promising prospects for long-term growth and profitability.

Rohan City: Unveiling Luxury Flats in Mangalore.

Rohan City, the latest project by Rohan Corporation, offers luxury apartments in Mangalore. These flats are designed with elegance and sophistication, ensuring a luxurious living experience. The project boasts premium amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing a high standard of living and Security that appeals to NRIs seeking the perfect blend of comfort and opulence. Furthermore, Rohan City’s location and connectivity enhance its investment potential, making it an attractive choice for real estate investment in India for NRI.

NRI Buying Property in India: A Lucrative Investment Option.

Purchasing property in India is a lucrative investment option for NRIs, but it is critical to understand the legal and financial implications. Rohan Corporation acknowledges the concerns of NRI buyers and ensures a seamless and transparent property acquisition process. They provide comprehensive assistance regarding documentation, taxation, and the repatriation of funds, ensuring that NRIs can invest in Rohan City with confidence.

City Club: Elevating the Lifestyle Experience.

Rohan City takes luxury living a step further with its exclusive offering, the City Club. The establishment boasts an array of top-notch offerings, comprising of a central meeting place, aquatic center, fitness center, athletic fields, and areas for relaxation. The City Club aims to enhance the lifestyle experience of residents, providing them with a holistic environment for relaxation, recreation, and socializing. NRIs can indulge in a world-class living experience within the confines of Rohan City.

Prioritizing a Healthier Lifestyle and Hobbies.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and pursuing hobbies has become more important than ever, especially for NRIs leading busy lives. Rohan City understands this need and offers amenities and green spaces that encourage a healthier lifestyle and provide opportunities for pursuing hobbies. Whether it’s jogging tracks, yoga studios, or landscaped gardens, Rohan City promotes a balanced and fulfilling life for its residents.

Health as a Luxury: Investing in Your Well-being.

Health is now considered a luxury, and Rohan City embraces this concept wholeheartedly. The project integrates wellness principles into its design, amenities, and recreational spaces. By investing in a project like Rohan City, NRIs not only secure a valuable asset but also prioritize their well-being and overall quality of life. Investing in this venture yields profitable dividends not only in monetary gains but also in attaining inner gratification.


Rohan Corporation’s project, Rohan City, offers the best investment in India for NRI. By capitalizing on the advantages of real estate investment in India, NRIs can achieve attractive returns while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Rohan City’s focus on transparency, credibility, and the integration of health and well-being makes it an ideal choice for NRIs looking to invest in India. Explore the luxury flats and amenities offered by Rohan City, and embark on your real estate investment journey in India with confidence and excitement. Remember that it’s not just about money; it’s also about living a balanced and satisfying life. At Rohan Corporation we offer the best
NRI investment option in India.

The advantages of owning a Villa in a plotted developement

In today’s era, purchasing a new house has always been a major milestone for families. While they check for a friendly neighborhood, they also ensure that the amenities are in close proximity. Before signing on any document, the families will also spend moments to feel the vibes. But, when families wish to lead a carefree lifestyle, settling in a gated community is on their wishlist. Apart from offering a sense of exclusiveness, such communities truly bring in an exuberance of living in a residential area. So, here’s a round-up of the reasons for purchasing a gated villa.

What is a gated community?

When you come across a gated community, you will observe luxe amenities within an enclosed space. As the families stay together, they have similar social status. Such areas have a tight security system and the guards maintain a record of individuals who leave or enter the community. To enhance the security, there are many cameras installed at different locations. The presence of guards and automatic biometric entry act as deterrents, keeping your family and valuables in a safe environment from the eyes of trespassers or thieves.

What are the advantages of living within a gated community?

Besides a tranquil atmosphere, there are many advantages of living within a gated community.  

Feeling of Exclusivity neighborhood

While your family starts mixing with other people in the gated community, you are sure to find individuals at par with their status. With numerous amenities in the premises, the feeling of togetherness will never fade away. Moreover, an exclusive neighborhood will also help to maintain utmost decorum. 

Community events

Regardless of what it might be; a festival or a day to celebrate something special, living in such communities can let you enjoy the day to your heart’s content. While everyone gathers for a celebration, you will yearn for some more time to mingle with individuals.

High property values, Higher returns 

As your family thinks about being a part of a gated community, housing options galore, but with a high value. Besides single residences and condominiums, these include luxurious villas. Once you roam around the residences, you will observe the panache and the assiduousness with which they are built, without a compromise on the usual standards. Even when the purchase value of the property is high, the resale value increases significantly as time passes by. 

Strategic Convenient Location

Whenever a contractor decides to build gated villas, he ensures that they are built in the heart of the city. Such types of residences must be in close proximity to restaurants, schools, hospitals and the shopping arcade. Hence, convenience is another benefit of living in a gated villa. 

Landscape and maintenance

Once you settle in the gated community, you can revel in open spaces with greenery across a landscape. A stroll in the surrounding region will always rejuvenate you for your daily drive. For the aesthetic appeal, a group shoulders the responsibility of maintaining the landscape. This is why you will always be closer to nature season after season. Check out the properties at Rohan Estate, Pakshikere today if you plan to purchase and dwell in a Hollywood-style villa.

Luxurious Amenities  for Rejuvenation  

Developers know the importance of creating a community not just to go home to, but a retreat where one can enjoy luxurious amenities that build an urban lifestyle. These days, there is hardly any gated community without a kids’ zone or swimming pool. A clubhouse also has a community hall to conduct celebrations and gazebos for relaxation.


Whenever your family members are spending time with their ‘near and dear’ ones, they can enjoy privacy. As everyone gets busy with their daily activities, they can shed away those worries regarding any interference. Moreover, the region is very much safe to stay owing to round-the-clock vigilance. Even when an occasion at a house is in full swing, trespassers will not dare to sneak into the house. Consider visiting plots in Mangalore if you’re seeking a house in South India along with modern amenities. 

Sense of community

Soon after you try to be a part of the gated community, you will be happy to find your neighbors to be kind. Even when you haven’t checked off the things on the ‘To Do’ list, you can simply spare a few moments and spend some time together. While a bond develops gradually, you will never hesitate to lend a helping hand or offer support when the need arises. Eventually, a sense of camaraderie will never let loneliness creep in your household. 

Finally, there are always certain things to keep in mind while considering one of the gated community plots in Mangalore. Before you sign any documents, you must thoroughly check the area and ensure that it’s safe in every way. You must also approach a reputed builder who has years of experience in building such properties. With time, Rohan Corporation is soon going to launch three projects, and they will be building a new layout across 13.3 acres of land in Mukka. Moreover, our team will also be executing the work related to the 1.65 and 1.73 Rohan Enclave and Rohan Avenue respectively upcoming projects in Surathkal, Mangalore. Sprawled across 7.74 acres of land, Rohan Corporation will also offer an incredible experience with Rohan Estate, Kulshekar, Baithurli near Nanthoor Junction. While you will be flabbergasted to observe a blend of traditional and urban lifestyles, you will never regret owning a new house with various amenities.

Invest in your dreams and your future, through NRI wealth management!

In the current era, everyone has observed a significant expansion in the real estate market across India. As time passed by, NRIs have always been investing in luxury homes located in bustling cities. Apart from being a safe and long term investment, real estate investment in India can further offer a steady growth. Investing in real estate can not only help to diversify but also help to grow financial assets. Even when the NRI doesn’t have any plan to settle in India after retirement, such an investment can serve as a contingency whenever unpredicted circumstances arise. Mr. Rohan Monteiro, who has been the founder of Rohan Corporation, then perceived this vision of luxury living for the NRIs and worked towards building the Rohan City residential and commercial properties in Bejai, Mangalore project. To commemorate an accomplishment, Rohan Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. was honored with the ‘Emerging Project of The Year Award’ in March 2023.

Why have people observed an increase in demand for luxury homes among the NRIs?

As NRIs explore many investment options to secure their life, they have always perceived the purchase of a luxury home as a great investment option. After considering an investment in the Indian real estate industry, the investment offers a higher rate of appreciation along with a stable rental income in the long run.

If you go through the trends prevalent in Mangalore, then the rental yield has risen significantly in the past 5 years. While the rental yield has gone up to 34.1% in main regions of Mangalore, people saw a hike in the rental yield of 8.5% in a southern region of city. This means that the NRIs and many individuals across India should consider real estate investment in India as one of the best investment options. 

What are the main benefits of property investment in India for the NRIs?

Just like it’s with any citizen of India, the NRIs can claim tax benefits stated under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

If the NRI states that he will be using the property for his own purpose after the purchase, then he will not have to bear the taxes. 

Once the NRI purchases a residence at the price of Rs. 50 lakhs, then he is allowed to withhold the tax at 1% of the purchase valuation. However, if the owner of the property is an NRI, then the Non Residential Indian investor can withhold tax as much as 20% of the long-term capital gain. But, he can withhold tax equivalent to 30% of the short term capital gain.

The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement also makes the scenario favorable for NRI investments in India. With such a kind of agreement in place, the NRI can claim tax credit in a totally different country where he is presently staying. At those instances, he may either be maintaining a standard of living with the incurred taxes or the capital gains concerned with the property in India.

According to the survey, in the last two years, dollar rates have increased by 15% to 17%. Due to a better dollar exchange rate. Best time for USA clients to book a property in Mangalore.

Finally, NRIs have always considered Indian real estate in India as a lucrative investment option when they get in touch with real estate companies in India. Besides, the time has always been appropriate for the NRIs to invest in regions across Mangalore. If the property is situated in a good location, and growing infrastructure has also led to an increase in property prices, making Bejai a location that offers good returns on investment. Rohan Corporation identified the increase in demand for residential and commercial properties in Bejai, Mangalore that’s when the rents are bound to increase every year. But, if it’s quite tough to get through the investment process and seek the right set of assets, then they should approach someone who can simplify everything. Apart from everything else, NRIs have never hesitated to invest in luxury apartments and commercial properties in Mangalore. The properties under Rohan Corporation projects are known for utmost comfort and quality living. We have already offered several NRI families and businesses their place of choice, in our ongoing projects like  Rohan City and Rohan Square (residential and commercial space), City Square (magnificent complex), Zorion Apartments (residential complex), Rohan Estate (residential estate), and High Crest (residential building). We would love to have you as our next precious customer. So, if you are dreaming of having a commercial or residential property in Mangalore at convenience and affordable pricing, then feel free to get in touch with us, Rohan Corporation.

Bejai – The ideal destination to invest in your dream home in Mangalore

Mangalore, also known as Mangaluru, is a city located in the southern state of Karnataka in India. Known for its scenic beauty, historical importance, and cultural diversity, Mangalore is a hub for investment opportunities in real estate. Among the various localities, Bejai is the heart of Mangalore and stands out as an excellent destination for investing in your dream home with its proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, temples and other amenities. Bejai is a bustling locality that offers a plethora of amenities and facilities, making it lucrative for residential and commercial real estate investments. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing apartments in Bejai.

Defined by Service and Expertise

The success of a real estate investment hinges on excellent service, hospitality and a signature of trust, which ensures a seamless property purchase experience from banking loan facilities to the final handover. Rohan Corporation has been a seasoned player in the construction business for the past three decades and has made a name for itself in planning and land development by delivering superior service. It is one of the top builders and developers in Mangalore and has earned a reputation in the industry for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality projects within the stipulated timeframe,making it a trusted choice for real estate investments with higher rates of returns on investment. 

Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.

Bejai is strategically located, with easy access to major highways, roads, airports, railway stations, and bus stands, making it an ideal location for those who require easy connectivity. It has grown tremendously in the last few years, with new infrastructure projects being launched regularly. This has resulted in a surge in demand for real estate in the area. The growing infrastructure has also led to an increase in property prices, making Bejai a location that offers good returns on investment. Rohan Corporation identified the increase in demand for residential and commercial properties in Bejai, Mangalore and has launched Rohan City – an amalgamation of residential and commercial spaces based on the modern concept of mixed-use architecture in one. People from Mangalore and other metro cities like Bombay, Bangalore, and even overseas, like Dubai, have put their trust in Rohan Corporation and their services. This is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality projects that meet customers’ expectations from diverse backgrounds.

Bringing it all together

With the traditional joint family system declining in India, loneliness can engulf many individuals residing in urban areas. Rohan Corporation understands the significance of socialization and has designed Rohan City to meet this need. The City Club features 24+ ultra-modern amenities and provisions for all generations. From indoor games to the outdoor play area to the student activity room, library, gym, swimming pool, 3D theatre and more, City Club offers something for everyone. It is designed to encourage community living among residents. This City Club is operational 24/7 and helps people interact with each other, exchange cultures and celebrate festivals together, thereby making Rohan City a perfect place for property investment in Bejai, Mangalore.
So wait no more! Invest wisely not only in a home but also in a lifestyle that fosters a sense of community and belonging. Come invest in Rohan City – the ongoing project in Bejai, Mangalore by Rohan Corporation.

How modern amenities transform Residential living into a Luxury lifestyle!

Buying a residential property is one of the most significant investments of one’s life, and it’s essential to consider several factors before making the final decision. Some of the most important factors one should consider while investing in residential property are the location, the neighborhood, connectivity, budget, and of course, the look and feel of the house. People nowadays choose luxury living over an ordinary life, and the trend shows that the contribution of luxury properties to overall sales has risen from 8% in Q2 of 2021 to 12% in Q2 of 2022. One of the main factors contributing to this shift is the modern amenities in residential living, which have been a game-changer.

It has progressed from representing lavishness and splendor to embodying a sophisticated aesthetic highlighting unparalleled experiences, premium amenities, and exceptional services. The desire among millennials to possess a premium residential property in Mangalore has risen in current times. The current generation of millennials is affluent, tech-savvy, and strongly inclined towards a premium lifestyle. They seek luxurious homes with the most up-to-date amenities, unique experiences, and a safe and healthy environment. As per the builders and developers in Mangalore – ultra-modern amenities like swimming pool, gym, spa, wellness centers, and indoor and outdoor play areas have been some of the lucrative amenities that are attracting residential property buyers in Bejai.

Leisure and comfort go hand in hand:

Modern living has been transformed by luxury amenities providing numerous advantages to individuals of all ages. People consider various factors like leisure and comfort while investing in a house. Having easy access to swimming pools, gyms, indoor and outdoor games, spas, wellness centers, and salons, helps them pursue a healthy lifestyle by providing relaxation, convenience, and comfort under one roof. 

Thriving in Community:

In addition to providing leisure and comfort, luxury amenities in residential living also facilitate socializing and bonding among the residents. These amenities create a sense of community living, where residents can share their experiences, make new friends, and enjoy various social events, and exchange cultural knowledge, thereby thriving together.

Worry-Free Life:

Luxury living is all about having a worry-free life. Life in cities is stressful, and people look for properties with a spa, wellness center, salon, and everything in the vicinity, so that they can pamper themselves without worrying about travel time or expenses. Having multipurpose courts and restaurants on the same property also attracts buyers, as they can host a games night or catch up with old buddies and family over dinner.

Good Living:

Luxury amenities also provide a good living experience by offering a break from the hustle-bustle of city life. With no traffic to reach any place, residents can enjoy a peaceful living environment with everything under their watch.

Amenities for All: Another essential aspect of luxury amenities in residential living is that they cater to everyone’s needs. People look for properties that have amenities for every age group, where the elderly can find the youth in them, and the youth can find the child in them, allowing them to live life at their convenience.

Children play area
Infinity swimming pool
Senior citizen park

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” – Tuli Kupferberg.

Similarly, Rohan Corporation has broken the stigma of simple living for ultra-modern living with its residential and commercial properties in Bejai, Mangalore. Their ongoing projects, Rohan Square and Rohan City, have everything it takes to turn residential living into a luxury lifestyle. These properties offer a range of amenities, including state-of-the-art designs, swimming pools, gym, tennis courts, basketball courts, jogging tracks, yoga and meditation centers, and lots more.

Both Rohan City and Rohan Square are based on the walk-to-work concept and provide residential and commercial properties for sale in Mangalore.

Lastly, luxury amenities have transformed residential living into a luxurious lifestyle, catering to everyone’s needs and preferences. With Rohan Corporation’s ongoing project in Mangalore, homebuyers can expect a perfect blend of modern living and luxury amenities. So, if you are looking for residential property in Pumpwell, Bejai, or Mangalore, check out Rohan Corporation’s projects and experience the best of luxury living.

This Signature of Trust is the cornerstone on which Rohan Corporation has been built. Rohan Corporation has established itself as a leader of the real estate industry in Mangalore.

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