What drives real estate growth in Mangalore City?

Situated on the backwaters of River Gurupura and River Netravati, Mangalore derived its name from Mangaladevi – the Hindu Goddess, and serves as the main port of India. Mangalore is geographically diverse because many languages are spoken like Konkani, Tulu, Beary Bashe and Kannada. The landscape of Mangalore features coconut palms, rolling hills, red clay and freshwater streams making it a perfect place for investors to buy properties in Mangalore

The people born and residing in Mangalore are called Mangaloreans. Being a multicultural city, the vibrant culture of the people is highlighted through different dance forms, handicrafts, cuisines, festivals as well as rural sports. Mangaloreans are known for their undeniable love for famous delicacies like Kori roti, seafood and Pabbas ice cream.

A very adorable trait of Mangloreans is their love for their hometown. No matter where in world they are settled, Mangloreans tend to return to the city during festivities and be a part of the celebrations. 

Being well connected by all 4 major means of transport, Mangalore attracts a lot of real estate companies to venture into the infrastructural growth of the city. Many builders and developers in Mangalore have designed projects that speak volumes of luxurious lifestyles and quality housing at affordable rates. One such name is Rohan Corporation.

It is a colossal name in the real estate industry and is mainly known for modernizing and reinvigorating Mangalore over the last 30 years. With 2000+ happy customers, Rohan Corporation is synonymous with the signature of trust and is a name to look up to within the city. Rohan Corporation ensures the finest and most luxurious residential and commercial property options equipped with modern amenities at lucrative prices to its overseas clients, thereby creating a sense of belongingness among them in their very own city.

A prestigious project located at Jeppinamogaru, Zorion is a 5-storey residential property by Rohan Corporation that sports 45 exclusive 1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK apartments in Mangalore. The well-thought-out design includes common areas, broad passages for easy movement, excellent cross ventilation and a parking lot on the ground floor amongst other facilities.

Another such example of a sophisticated, high-quality living environment tailored with all the necessary amenities is High Crest – a 14-storey residential property at Kadri Kambala Road, that perfectly blends style and design. This 41-apartment project exhibits two- and three-bedroom flats ranging from 1225 to 1695 square feet. 

From up to 4 BHK premium residential spaces to private villas with gardens and high-class commercial complexes, Rohan Corporation provides the best real estate in Mangalore at the price value. Rohan Estate is one such Hollywood-style villa layout nestled in the lush, green habitat of Haleyangadi, Pakshikere. Spanning over 30 acres of open spaces with greenery it offers fresh, rejuvenating air. It is well planned and divided into interconnected blocks to make the plots independent and private. 

Another innovative blend of residential and commercial space located at Capitanio-Pumpwell is Rohan Square. It features up to 4-BHK homes with lavish design and world-class amenities and the commercial space exhibits business-standard design for office and retail spaces and exclusively features a Star Hotel. Overall, Rohan Corporation aims to build and develop the city and provide its customers with ultra-modern facilities right in their own city thereby driving the real estate growth in Mangalore. So if you are looking out for residential or commercial spaces -choose the best i.e Rohan Corporations

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This Signature of Trust is the cornerstone on which Rohan Corporation has been built. Rohan Corporation has established itself as a leader of the real estate industry in Mangalore.

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