‘Global Court’ luxury apartments inaugurated at Kuntikan

Global Court’ luxury apartments complex built by Global Star Realters Pvt Ltd and marketed by Property Infra Tech Pvt Lt was inaugurated by districct incharge minister B Ramanath Rai at Kuntikana here on Sunday March 15.

Addressing the gathering, SCDCC Bank chairman Dr M N Rajendra Kumar said, “Ashok Rai and Pushparaj Jain encouraged me to start my first project here in Mangaluru. If we think we cannot do it, then we really cannot.

But if we think we can, then we definitely can. As I had promised to give ACs, TVs and phones, we have installed the same in each flat. Apart from that, we have a lucky draw for people who buy flats in this apartment and winners will be awarded with a Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Passat. Once all the flats are sold we will take a chit in front of owners of the 116 flats and announce the winner.”

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