Most Important things to consider while looking for a residential property in Mangalore

Have you ever wondered what things you should consider while looking for a residential property in Mangalore? If you answered yes, here’s a list of things you need to remember while on a house hunt. As we all know – buying a house is a very emotional process and it often becomes difficult when you have to choose the right space that fits your budget and the one that you keep falling in love with.

Before you start your house hunt, it is essential to jot down your budget and filter the options accordingly. Apart from the number of rooms, view from the balcony, the kitchen space, there are other essential factors that one must take note of.


Location plays a significant role when considering to buy a property in Mangalore because you can change almost everything in your home except the location. Hence finding the property at the right location is of utmost priority. You must consider the distance of your home from your office, schools, temples, hospitals and also evaluate other public transportation services available in the vicinity.

The Site:

While purchasing a property, the site is the second most vital factor to consider after location. Check whether your home is on a hill, close to the sea, amidst green forests or does the neighbour’s window look right into your home etc. One must always consider future needs as the home is a long-term investment and you have to consider the accessibility as per your changing age.

The Neighbourhood:

Another important thing to check is the neighbourhood. Your house and your vicinity can offer you a great view but always look for a surrounding which is safe for kids, women and senior citizens. 

The Curb Appeal: 

Once you have ticked off the most important factors, you should look for the beauty of the house. Your home speaks volumes about your personality; hence, one must choose a space that reflects his/her lifestyle. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle, you might want to choose a home that is low maintenance and fuss-free. And if you have a laid-back easy-breezy lifestyle, you could choose a space with a lawn or more open space where you can spend your morning and evenings. With most people willing to cut the city’s hustle and bustle, the demand for independent housing has gained a lot of momentum. Families are now willing to invest in plots in Mangalore and design their own space.

One such township that has been attracting investors is Rohan Estate by Rohan Corporation – one of the renowned builders in Mangalore. After the tremendous success of Rohan Estate at Pakshikere, it is now developed at Kulshekar. It is an amalgamation of urban and traditional lifestyles and offers luxury apartments in Mangalore for a comprehensive experience. Spread over 7.74 acres in close proximity to Nanthoor Junction, Rohan Estate has 67 plots, 40 ft wide concrete roads and many modern amenities that make it the perfect destination to build your dream home in the most elite neighbourhood.

Rohan Estate, Kulshekar, is located 12.7 kms away from Mangalore International Airport and has hospitals, schools and pilgrimage places just 10 mins away. It is built aesthetically as per the Vastu orientation and features a distinct architecture and many world-class amenities necessary for gracious living. So, if you are looking for luxurious independent housing options in Mangalore, head to Rohan Estate now.

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