Best Time to Buy a House in Mangalore

Here is why Mangalore is becoming a Housing Hotspot

Mangalore is a top tier 2 city of Karnataka, where a variety-style of life dwells on the fine coastal land. The city is driven by the smart city program and features quality living with everything from the best schools, colleges, entertainment, malls, hotels and beaches. It has a low crime rate and provides a fresh living experience with low pollution and traffic.

In the recently announced Karnataka State Budget for 2021, Mangalore came out as a huge winner bagging the prize of new developmental plans.

Plans for Mangalore in Karanataka State Budget 2021

Mangalore was awarded over 30cr for tourism while a sanction of 60cr was made for the development of Mangalore to Panaji waterways that shall wave in higher tourism. Also, a 100cr four-lane connectivity project is planned to make Mangalore more accessible.

Mangalore being so heavily invested with developments, the coast looks forward to being more beautified in the coming days. Also, the 20th rank for Mangalore in the Ease of Living Index defines the grade of lifestyle it provides. The housing market is rising in value every day, making real estate also the best investment option.

Post lockdown, individuals who moved out to tier 1 cities for work are now back in their hometown, comfortably working from home. Having experienced the quality of tier 1 lifestyle, people now look for premium housing in tier 2 cities to match their living expectations. All these factors are major factors for the increase in market demand for premium housing in T2 cities. It has also grabbed the attention towards Mangalore making it a progressive housing market.

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