Top 10 Features of a Modern Office Space in 2021

Here are the 10 features that every business offices must have

Office spaces define the work-life of the employees and create the image of a company for its customers. An office homes a business and embarks on your venture from the start. So finding the best modern space with the best features is absolutely important for your business.

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Here are the 10 features every workspace needs in 2021 to create a perfect working and operational environment:

  1. Open Space Layout: Gone are the days of cramped cubicles. Innovative companies seek vast free-breathing open space which brings better communication and teamwork. Find your company a commercial space that supports an open office layout.
  2. Location: Your company needs to be visible to the market. A trending business hub is the best area for you to gain profits. Set up your base at prime locations with good connectivity to the city’s hotspots.
  3. Safety/Security: Office space demands good security and safety measures that help create a secure feeling. CCTV, firefighting and 24×7 security are what every corporate area needs to feature.
  4. Parking: An active business has people coming and leaving the office at all times. So make sure you have ample, well-organised parking space for both your customers and employees.
  5. Natural Lighting: An area of productivity should be well lit. Study shows that a dull or badly lit room brings down creativity. An office needs enough natural light to keep it active and to brighten up the mood.
  6. Ambience: A good view or an aesthetic setup, all add to creating a happy working ambience. Good colours and theme, noise-cancelled rooms, fresh air ventilation are few factors of an operational ambience.
  7. Decor: To create a fine office setting you need eye-pleasing decor. Stylish furniture, wall hangings, plants, stylish waiting lounge – creates an impression on the visitors and keeps your employees productive.
  8. IT/Fittings: An office space in the new age should feature modern technologies like e-card access. It should also provide the latest branded electrical fittings, fiber internet and ample power outlets.
  9. Power Backup: An active business has transactions, communications and trade happening every minute. Businesses demand commercial space with 24×7 power backup so operations can go unhindered.
  10. Leisure Amenities: Your employees need to snap out of the brainstorming and take a break. A spacious kitchen with coffee and snacks, an open terrace, or a relaxing lounge, are the benefits your employees should have at the office.

Post lockdown, workplaces now need to practice safer precautionary methods. Sanitisers at entrances, compulsory masks, restricted number in confined areas, extended sick leaves, social distancing are the new precautions office space needs to adopt.

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