Rohan square – An Integration of Luxurious Projects with top-notch Amenities in Mangalore

The magnificent sceneries, rolling hills, renowned ancient architectures, and serene sea shores have brought the “Rome of the East” vibe to Mangalore. Once you have started enjoying the embedded ambience of the city, there is no looking back. 

Your status gets uplifted a bit more when you begin living in apartments in Mangalore, accompanied by luxurious premium features. 

Rohan Square, built by one of the trusted builders in Mangalore, is such an enchanting place to reside and start a business, with its affluent, diversified amenities, that it brings a breeze of “satisfaction with pride’ to our every premium purchaser. We create value, we make the future out of the present.

Some of the brightest reasons that make Rohan Square one of the most luxurious and premium properties in Mangalore are –

i) Supreme position

Situated at Capitanio Pumpwell, the heart junction of Mangalore, Rohan Square has become the Eagle’s eye for every early action taker. The supreme location makes transport communication a cakewalk for livelihood and businesses. 

The position, being close to every daily destination such as schools and offices, Place of worship,  and easily accessible in terms of goods imported for e-commerce businesses, is now considered the most premium and in-demand properties in Mangalore

ii) Fascinating swimming pool & jovial play area

A dip in the relaxing swimming pool adds a refreshing touch to your day-long tiredness. The top-notch maintenance of the water’s freshness and flourishing lavishness add to making your apartment one of the most luxury flats in Mangalore.

The in-built play area at the Rohan Square premise is built by professionals in a way that embeds playfulness and enhances the jovial nature of the children.

iii) An energetic gymnasium & serene jogging track

 Rohan Square comprises a fitness-encouraging gym inclusive of all the necessary equipment. The well-maintained exercise tools and the cheering vibe of the gym have it all to tempt you to work out every single day.

To keep up the athletic spirit within you, a serene and professionally built jogging track has been built at the building campus. You can come up whenever you feel like it and boost the activeness residing inside.

iv) Door-step commercials

The eye-pleasing commercial space in Mangalore , along with multiple business plus points, are gaining more eyeballs as the days pass. 

The spacious parking slots, convenient goods transport communication, and lavish eye-catching apartments amidst a high-value commercial market, make each of the commercial projects in Rohan Square worth their value.

It gets beneficial to have an apartment within the complex, from both business and residential perspectives, due to the presence of a convenient and nearby commercial market.

Rohan Square is a result of smartly idealizing and skillfully building multiple premium residential apartments in Mangalore. By being our dearest buyer, you not only own one of the premium residential apartments in Mangalore you desired but also all the luxurious amenities and premium features the Rohan Square comprises of. Our thoughtful approach towards taking care of our customers’ every single inclination in the best way possible, makes us undoubtedly the most popular and desired projects in Mangalore. Experience the pleasure of Grand Luxurious lifestyle.

Book your apartment at Rohan Square now, before your dream becomes someone else’s property.

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